The Hangover Part II

In general, I’m not really fan of over the top, ribald comedies that revel in their status in the gutter.  Actually, I don’t generally watch comedies.  I’m usually enjoying a plethora of explosions and whup-assery or something animated(not anime).

However I do tend to follow actors through their various roles.  My leash for this movie and its predecessor: Bradley Cooper.

I followed him from Alias, to Kitchen Confidential to The Hangover.

This is a delightful movie of insane chaos that I thoroughly enjoyed, especially since I can imagine some of my relatives dealing with similar scenarios.

Outright, I will say this: The Hangover Part II was even more disturbing than the first one.  I’m pleased that the sequel curse did not befall the writers and filmmakers.  No, the sequel is on par, or surpasses the first, and I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD.

I’m not going to spoil the movie, however I will say some fan favorites return, and the Wolfpack’s excursion in Thailand is not to be missed.  And Stu’s tattoo should seem very familiar to those who pay attention.  If they ever decide to do a Part III, I will be in the front row, anxious with anticipation.

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