There’s No Place Like Home…

As a former resident of Brimfield, MA, I was horrified and saddened by the damage done to a place so familiar to me, especially with friends and family that still live in the surrounding areas.  My brother and I drove through some of the back roads and side streets, neither of us having had a chance to really see the destruction.  It’s unfathomable…no, it’s inconceivable that such a destructive  force wreaked havoc in an area that for the most part escapes the notice of the world.  Well, we’re getting noticed now, and for more than just an over-sized tag sale.  I’m proud of the members of the community, both within Brimfield and without, for the care, support, and empathy you have exhibited during this time of crisis.

Now, that the sappy part’s done, I can start ranting.  For those of you who are taking this opportunity to exploit the victims of this disaster by LOOTING, why don’t you just take the whole shebang, and get it over with.  And whoever it was that got the bright idea to claim to be a victim that wasn’t, I’m glad they got arrested.  They deserve it.  It’s despicable.  I hope your guilt eats you alive.  This is not the time to start betraying your friends and neighbors, it’s to show yourself and the world the goodwill towards men, women, and children that is supposed to be at the heart at each and everyone of us.

A final note: A shout-out to my brothers and sisters that bleed green helping out around town, and to the people bringing them food and water so they’re not stuck eating craptastic MREs.

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