Can Jack Come Out and Play?

Captain Jack is Back!

Waiting to see whether or not the fourth Pirates movie would sink or swim, I was ecstatic that Jack was once again up to his usual eccentric antics, with no one to steal scenes from but himself.  Which he still manages to do.

Without the distraction of the endless Will/Liz drama-rama, Jack is free to take the spotlight.  Though they did attempt to inject another star-crossed couple, they didn’t feel the need to draw it out for a million years.

The action was good, the plot engaging, and the effects were amazing.

Answers to questions not answered:

1. We have no idea the scar on his face is about, neither does he.

2. No clue what the after credits means, except trouble for Jack, and ANOTHER movie.

Just questions:

1. How will they get the Black Pearl out?

2. Is there another movie in the works?

Well, as far as I’m concerned, I can’t for the Captain’s next outing.

P.S. I would very much appreciate comments to my posts.

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