Bird Country comes back to bite me in the ass…

For those of you that don’t know, Bird Country is Maryland, due to their major sports teams being birds, the Oriels and the Ravens.  Duh.

Anyways, I got a certified letter(fancy stuff, that) telling me that I owe them income taxes.  Like Hell!

For the record, if you are military stationed in a state that is NOT your home of record, you don’t pay income tax to the state you’re residing in.  So if anyone gets a Notice of Intent to Offset, call them and let them know.  You’ll need a tax return from the state that is listed as you home of record for what ever year they need.  Let’s hope you keep records that long.

Me being the pack-rat I am, there wasn’t too much difficulty.  I just hate having anyone tell me that I owe them money.  It annoys me.  A LOT.  Especially when I know I don’t.

All’s well that ends with me hopefully getting the rest of my tax return that they owe me.

Later days.


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