Mommie Darkest: Public Enemy #1

Or Hit List: An Anita Blake Novel review.

Having finished the book this morning before my rendezvous with the big screen, I was tempted to post my thoughts earlier, but  I decided to let the book settle and sink into my psyche.  That and I was strapped for time, and Anita always deserves my full attention.

And now on with the show.

Anita’s latest adventure is full-length, something I’m grateful for after having two shortened books.  Catching Anita a month after Bullet takes place, Anita’s still reeling from the ramifications of the events.  I’m not a spoiler, so you’ll get nothing from me.  I started this series out of order, but got caught up years ago, so I know the chronology.  And Anita always works better as a series of unfortunate events.  Seeing how far she’s come from the first book, what effects her, what doesn’t, and might be in store for her, I’m ecstatic that Laurell K. Hamilton didn’t give into the pressure she was surely feeling from the fans after all the speculation about the gap between books.  She dedicated her time and energy to making Anita as real as she always is.  And when the next one comes, I won’t be surprised if I decide to reread the series(for the eighth time) in anticipation.

Until next time.

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