Catsup & Mustard: Hold the Relish

Featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, this restaurant/bar has a small town feel that makes you feel at home once you walk in the door.  Situated on Main St. in Manchester, CT, it becomes obvious why it’s so popular.  The service was amazing, despite the heavy traffic, and I had the misfortune that day of babysitting two boys.

Drinks were served in quaint little mugs, similar to the jars used to store preserves, but with handles.  I ordered my usual litmus test for a new restaurant, a cheeseburger with the option to cut it up, which proved necessary.  I also enjoyed my first batch of sweet potato fries that didn’t originate from a supermarket freezer.  And this place managed a feat that none of the best cooks I know, nor any other restaurant has managed in my entire life: I ate coleslaw!  That’s probably because there was no mayonnaise involved.  I believe mayo(or in my case, Miracle Whip) goes on sandwiches, not salads. In any case, this place is one I would happily recommend, and one that makes me salivate thinking about the next round.

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