Feeling Hooah: Independence Day Thoughts

For those of you that don’t know, “HOOAH” is an exclamation used by soldiers.  It has multiple meanings, depending on tone and volume.  The other branches  of the Armed Forces have variations of this phrase.

Feeling Hooah is being intrinsically attuned to the spirit of the Army.  It’s an overwhelming dedication to our country, our family, both within and out of the service, and our struggle for freedom.  At least that’s how I’ve always understood it.  The days that I felt this was Memorial Day and Independence Day.

It still comes as a surprise for me whenever I get that “Thank you for serving.”  The first time I got it, I was sitting in the Bradley Airport, waiting for my flight back to Basic Training.  I was coming off of Emergency Leave, and was in uniform, as was required by the Army for basic trainees.  I got at least three thank you’s, and I sat there baffled.  I hadn’t done anything important yet, at least not in my mind.  I hadn’t deployed, gone to some special post, gotten awarded by some high ranking officer.  I was just a lowly private that had just left her father’s funeral, counting the days till graduation.  Even now, a year out since I left active duty, and I get that thanks, and I still wonder what I did.  I was doing a job, staring at a computer screen, typing.  My impact was minimal.

Only not so much.  Here’s an interesting fact: Only 19% of population of our country joins the military.  That’s all five branches, Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard.  That’s not 19% for each branch.  That’s TOTAL!  So barely 1/5 of the population is willing to do what the rest can’t or won’t do.  That kind seems like a shame.

Which brings me to support of the military.  These are normal people doing their job, doing something you aren’t willing to do.

Things like this pisses me off.

For those unaware, this is one the photos from an anti-gay protest at fallen soldiers’ funerals in 2006.  This is a level of disrespect that is unconscionable and indecent.  Doing this at a funeral is abhorrent and despicable.  These people have lost a loved one, and you’re trying to turn their grief into a farcical circus.

I don’t do politics.  I’m neither Republican, Democratic, or any other Party.  I pick whatever person that I feel is best for the job. I don’t care if you’re left, right, upside down, whatever.  You have your opinions.  That is your right.  A right that you have thanks to the soldiers, marines, airmen, and seamen that have died in defense of our country from the beginning of our government to now.  And guess what people, there are people you know that you know or knew that are or have served.  Friends, family, teachers, mentors, colleagues, pilots, doctors, police, firemen, mechanics, drivers, bosses, there’s a veteran near you that you might not know about.

These demonstrations are a fundamental disrespect for everything this nation was created for.  If you’re going to do this, you might as well start burning flags, rip to shreds the Constitution, take a piss in Arlington, use the Declaration as toilet paper, melt down the Liberty Bell, sink the Statue, and reinstate the monarchy.  Our founders fled to this land to escape persecution.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them drove stick.  I fully support gays serving openly in the military.  They’re willing to fight and die for your country and and you not, so get your head out of your ass and support them.  You may not respect them, but respect their job, their sacrifice, their patriotism.  They’re not going away, so deal with it.

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