Dark of the Moon: Transformers 3

OK, first off, sad face that they replaced Megan Fox with the Vicky’s Model, but lets get over it.  I was pissed off when they replaced Evie in the Mummy movies, but at least for this she’s a totally different character.  And I think she did a decent job.

That being said, all I have to say is this: This movie is EPIC.

If they go on with the franchise I’m not sure how they would top it.  It raised the bar that much.  But if they do manage it, I’d be happy to fork over my money to see it.  But can we leave the 3-D alone.  It’s great for IMAX, but the extra dimension doesn’t really add anything to the table, it just makes for an awkward experience, if your looking at one part of the screen not covered by the glasses.

Happy Easter egg. those of you jonesing for your Wash fix, he pops up, and nicely bad-ass.  And nicely done,  incorporating like three different Presidents that in no way really show up.  I guess they had some fun with Photoshop.  I think they got the same voice actor that they used for COD: Black Ops.  I would so go see this movie again, if I could afford it.  And i might put it on pre-order for my Amazon Wishlist.  Michael Bay definitely delivers in his usual style, and it was great seeing the old gang.  And for the NASCAR fans, they have two of them, albeit if a Grand Theft Auto military geek got ahold of them.  I won’ t tell you which ones.  That would be cheating.

Oh, FYI there’s nothing in or after the credits, so you don’t need to stay.

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