What one thing can’t you seem to scratch off your to-do list?

There’s one thing that is perpetually on my to-do list, and hasn’t left in years.

Finish my book.

I’ve been trying to write a book series since my freshman year in high school, and I still haven’t finished it.  It started off as a short story for Freshman English that kind of exploded.  It combines all my favorite genre elements of sci-fi and fantasy.  In my head, would have been a decent successor to the Buffy legacy.  At one point, I had fourteen chapters written, and four typed, because I have to write it down before I type it.  Then I came to the point where I decided it needed an overhaul, and I needed to rewrite it in a different voice.  And now I’m stuck again.

I’m not one of those people who outlines what they’re going to write, I just go, letting the words flow and see where my thoughts take me.

One of my problems is the characters.  Most of my characters are based on people I know.  For so long I’ve tried to force them to follow their originators, instead of letting them stand alone and become their own voices.    I’m doing better with my fanfic.  It’s easier because I already have a template of what the characters sound, look, and act like.  If I wasn’t so worried that my story would get stolen, I’d post it online to review when I was done.

Let’s hope I can beat the Mount Everest of writer’s block.


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