The Last Parade I Attended: Memorial Day Parade at Nation's Capitol

It was the Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC, back in 2010. It was epic! Watched some of the prep, there was a guy on bagpipes practicing, and and he broke out the Star Wars, which you would think sounded weird coming from that instrument, but it totally didn't. Plus there was a Delorean. It rounded out my nerd points of the day.

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Favorite Foreign Film: The Black Mask

Two Degrees: Black Mask

After seeing Jet Li in "Romeo Must Die", I wanted to go back and see some of his other performances. I liked this one a lot. It's called "The Black Mask". English subtitles are available for the movie, since I think like CTHD, it's in Mandarin. I see it as if the Green Hornet meets Batman, but GH is Cato. Very cool to watch, and see Li in action is always a treat.

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