Hovercraft charter service lands in New London — FOX 61

NEW LONDON — There’s a new way to leave New London Harbor and people are defying gravity to do it. Tom Murray, a former Wall Street banker, has brought his love of hovercraft to Connecticut. In May, Murray began Blackbird Hovercraft Charters, running two Vanair Vanguard crafts to stops in Rhode Island, Long Island and all over…

via Hovercraft charter service lands in New London — FOX 61


One thought on “Hovercraft charter service lands in New London — FOX 61

  1. For those interested in these fascinating machines, there is a 700 page book, with 450 pictures called ‘On a Cushion of Air’, (available through Amazon and Kindle), which tells the story of Christopher Cockerell’s discovery that heavy weights could be supported on a cushion of low pressure air, and the development of the hovercraft by those who were there, from the very early days through to the heyday of the giant 165-ton SRN.4, which crossed the English Channel starting in 1968 carrying 30 cars and 254 passengers at speeds in excess of 75 knots on a calm day. It was subsequently widened to carry 36 cars and 280 passengers with an A.U.W. of 200 tones and was later lengthened to an A.U.W of 325 tons and capable of carrying 55 cars and 424 passengers. The amazing point was that from 165 tons to 325 tons only 400 extra hp on each engine was required, although a bit of speed was sacrificed, proving conclusively that Christopher Cockerell’s theory was sound.
    There is also a 1 hour 20 minute DVD, ‘On a Cushion of Air’, based on the book available through Amazon Instant Video to rent or download.
    Sadly, for economic reasons, the SR.N4 service came to an end on 1st October 2000. In total 6 SR.4s were built and the two remaining ones are in the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-on-Solent, England.


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