A Day at the Beach: Kenny’s Salt Water Taffy

I stumbled upon this place during a last minute (in my case) trip to the beach.  Situated on Onset Bay, only the parking lot separates it from the beach.  Renowned for(obviously) their salt water taffy, they also offer a variety of foods for those looking for a meal.  I got to enjoy my first plate of fried whole belly clams in years, with dessert being two scoops of ice cream, chocolate and vanilla.  Sorry, no soft serve here.  But it was well worth it, until early the next morning my stomach was pissed off.  I guess fish and dairy don’t mix.  Everything stayed down, so I’m not sorry though, and am chomping at the bit for my next round.  This is DDD candidate if I ever saw one.

Catsup & Mustard: Hold the Relish

Featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, this restaurant/bar has a small town feel that makes you feel at home once you walk in the door.  Situated on Main St. in Manchester, CT, it becomes obvious why it’s so popular.  The service was amazing, despite the heavy traffic, and I had the misfortune that day of babysitting two boys.

Drinks were served in quaint little mugs, similar to the jars used to store preserves, but with handles.  I ordered my usual litmus test for a new restaurant, a cheeseburger with the option to cut it up, which proved necessary.  I also enjoyed my first batch of sweet potato fries that didn’t originate from a supermarket freezer.  And this place managed a feat that none of the best cooks I know, nor any other restaurant has managed in my entire life: I ate coleslaw!  That’s probably because there was no mayonnaise involved.  I believe mayo(or in my case, Miracle Whip) goes on sandwiches, not salads. In any case, this place is one I would happily recommend, and one that makes me salivate thinking about the next round.


Cosmic Omelet: Out of This World!

Located in Manchster, CT, this resturant is dedicated to bringing out the best in the incredible, edible egg. I was out with my sister and her family for breakfast this past weekend, preempting the traffic that takes place on Father’s Day. I was the odd man out that didn’t have eggs, or the apparently delicious hash browns that my picky nephew was scarfing down. I did however partook in the Nutty Frenchman, french toast embedded with walnuts, and delicious bacon, just the right amount of crunchyness. This resturant has become one of my favorite breakfast places, with its homestyle cooking, and small town charm. I have no doubt that Cosmic Omelet is on its way to taking its place amoung the stars.