Geek Crash Course: Get your geek on!


I am a self-identified nerd/geek, and even I sometimes have a hard time explaining things that I watch and enjoy to non-geeks/nerds.  This web show gives you a insider’s look on our views on pop culture, in non-geek speak.

I first stumbled on this site when they, (surprise, surprise), reviewed the TV show “The X-Files”.  I ended up checking out some of their other episodes, including ones on things I refuse to watch, like the SAW movies, or haven’t seen yet, like Blade Runner.

Aside from television and movies, they also introduce you to various video games and comic books, hero and villain alike, as well as conduct interviews at places like the NY Comic Con.

You can subscribe to their blog, (I made the picture link back to their site, I think), and also make suggestions for future episodes.

Don’t take my word for it, go to the site and check it out!


Hubpages: Why don’t you Like Me?

I recently signed up to Hubpages, and I seem to have nothing but problems.

Half of the buttons won’t do anything, or refresh when I click on them.

I don’t think it’s the browser I’m using, because I use Chrome, and it’s the most update version.  So I don’t know what it is that’s wrong.  I can’t post, answer questions, or update my profile.  It’s starting to frustrate me.

I need some help, and I’m not sure where to turn.

Chasing Monsters in the Dark: Second Verse

For your viewing pleasure, the Matt and Kory show presents the X-Files: the Musical. Countdown link/Webcast

They’re having a two-night showing, starting tonight, with live streaming on the web.  As a fan of the show, I’m not sure whether or not to be horrified or laugh my ass off.  I think both will suffice.

Having watched A Very Potter Musical, and its sequel, I kinda can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen.

Spread the word!  The Truth is Coming!


WTFSutter: Inside SAMCRO

For those of you that haven’t found it yet, and are counting down to when Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy begins on Sept 6, Kurt Sutter, creator, writer, and executive producer of SOA has a Youtube channel, where he posts a weekly Q&A sent by the fans about the show, along with behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew.

I’ve become a diehard SOA fan, thanks to my sister, and will soon embark on refreshing myself by watching the first three seasons.  This is not a show to be missed, and I don’t pick my television lightly.  So join the rest of the Men and Women of Mayhem on September 6 at 10 PM on FX.

Do The Impossible: Big Damn Heroes Needed!

All right, all you Browncoats!  It’s time to step up!

The ‘Verse needs your help!

Fellow Browncoats, the indie crew of DarkCryo Entertainment this week announced that they are taking over where Fox and Multiverse had stranded fans of the cancelled television series Firefly with their intention to continue development of the long-awaited Firefly MMORPG interactive title.

Already titled Firefly Universe Online, the game highlights multiple playable factions, special cast appearances, canonical planetary environments, and groundbreaking role-play mechanics.

A release date for Firefly Universe Online has not yet been set, although development efforts have already been well underway for some time now. Firefly Universe Online is seeking official endorsement by 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy Inc, however it will proceed in the interim under fair use as an unauthorized canonical parody, a tribute to the fans, the beloved cast, and creator Joss Wedon.

They need developers: models, artists, authors and scriptwriters!  I’m providing the link to the site.

Time for some thrilling heroics!

Laughter is the best medicine…

For humiliation, depending on whether or not you use your humiliation as a shield, instead of letting others turn it into a weapon against you.

Case in point:

Having a public domain to anonymously lay yourself bare about the latest humiliation the the universe has dealt you is an inspired idea, and giving you an audience that either sympathizes with you or not.

I view this site to for amusement, and to remind myself that my life isn’t so bad.  I have my own FML moments but have never posted them.  I am ever Murphy’s bitch, and he delights in toying with me.  Like when the Army tried to recall me, causing me to have to withdraw from college halfway through the semester and owing the VA half the tuition they paid, plus missing the deadline to reapply for the next semester. FML.