Police: Plane passenger helps cops bust 2 people texting about molesting kids



Rep. Darrell Issa: It’s Time to Bring Pre-1972 Copyrights Out of the Dark Ages (Guest Column)


What Happens When Movies Turn Viewers Into Pilgrims — TIME

Among the millions of travelers heading out for the summer holidays, some are choosing an unlikely destination: a rusted bus on the edge of the Alaskan wilderness. Fairbanks Bus 142 (aka the “magic bus”) is where the 24-year old Chris McCandless died in 1992. Well-educated and economically secure, McCandless rejected the materialism he saw in…

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Dear HBO: About that Alt-Reality “Confederate” Show. — Afroculinaria

Ok. HBO has created tremendous buzz about a show that has everybody talking, even me. It’s a show called “Confederate,” the South won, time moved on, slavery and abolitionist sentiments and battles over freedom evolved through our own day. To put it in Entertainment Weekly’s words: But wait, isn’t that already the reality we essentially […]

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On Anonymous Blogging — Tiny Rubies

It’s the mid-noughties. I’m at university, London is blowing my mind, and I’m tapping away on my LiveJournal like my life depends on it. I’m documenting all of my experiences, preserving them through writing, and reading the blog posts of strangers around the world doing the same. I’m reading (and writing) about breakups, sex, mixtapes, […]

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller Convenes Grand Jury in Russia Probe — TIME

(WASHINGTON) – Special counsel Robert Mueller has convened a grand jury in Washington to investigate allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing two unnamed people familiar with the matter. The grand jury began its work in recent weeks and is a sign that Mueller’s inquiry…

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Daily Prompt: Symphony (Autumn)

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I coasted through the cacophonous spectacle of the changing leaves. The Pennsylvania portion of Interstate 84 carried me East. The shifting colors brought to mind a conductor’s baton, the low waving queuing the bass red foliage to begin the movement.

I wondered how the changing season would sound in concert, despite the amphitheater mountains that surrounded me. The vibrato tones, twanging strings, the percussion laying down nature’s heartbeat set against the whistling wind.

I followed the rhythm of the road. Crescendo and downbeat carried my tires through a silent chorus of trees. The rising melody of asphalt and rubber thumped in my chest, and the baton rose call for the firs to shed. A drum of rain drops began to play its part on my car.

A hanging cloud by no means meant that the concert was coming to a close. Only that it would be a more dramatic piece than I thought. Instead of a soothing ambient lullaby, I would hear the hero’s journey and triumph as I made my way home.

A sneak peak of this year’s Big E — FOX 61

MASSACHUSETTS — The Big E is back and it’s bringing another year of entertainment, exhibits, amazing fair foods, rides and shopping. With all of these attractions, the largest fair in the Northeast is ready to offer fair-goers another round of a fun-filled 17 days of the year starting September 15 to October 1. Entertainment Music…

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Aging Fairies Take the Stage in Shakespeare in the Park’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream — TIME

For all of the attempts to modernize Shakespeare – hail Trump as Ceasar – some aspects of the Bard’s productions appear set in stone. Such is the case with the mischievous fairies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.At the age of 15, Mickey Rooney played Puck in a lavish Hollywood production, and a teenage Laurence Olivier…

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