Green Lantern’s Light: The Rise of Hal Jordan

Not being overly familiar with the comic book series, but a fan of Ryan Reynolds, I was nervous about seeing this movie.  But I think going in with a fresh mind, unbiased about the story telling, was the best idea.  I’d gotten ahold of the animated movie that had come out in the last couple of year, but haven’t watched yet.  When I do go see an adaptation, I tend to compare are gather insight from those that are very familiar with the source material.  This is one of the few comic book movies that I’ve seen in a long time where I could just sit down and enjoy the experience, unmindful of plot holes, mistakes, or differences.  I just got caught up in the story.

And what a story.

The concept of a group of people that are so individually diverse working together towards a common goal in harmony is something mankind has wished to achieve since we achieved a higher state of intelligence than our animal brethren.  We are no where close to that but the fact that we still try is an amazing feat.  Hal is inducted into a society that has been around probably before humanity became Homo erectus.  Having the power to create anything that your mind can think of is a staggering concept.

But I should get back to the story.  Hal’s back story and transition from Peter Pan to superhero is masterfully handled.  The suit has possibility to look ridiculous, but the effects people do a great job to make it work.  Visually breathtaking, this is one joyride that should not be missed.  Should they decide to do a sequel, I will glad fork over my money to fly with Hal Jordan.