HP: Book 3 Poetic Narrative

A bloated aunt with unhidden scorn

Innocence from him is torn

A Knight transport does he see

A Black heart unwittingly free

Hidden truths and soulless wraith

Betrayals that fill him full of hate

Humans hiding in animal form

A fugitive sequestered in his dorm

Fear formed from unconscious mind

Laughter a weapon to use in kind

Vendettas from years before

A severe teacher tries to settle the score

Flighty teacher envisions doom

Events home to head in shrieking room

Truths revealed far too late

Resigning the just to an unjust fate

Prisoners freed when time is turned

An innocent man on innocent bird

Moon haunted teacher is revealed

Mischief managed becomes unsealed

As his year comes to an end

Back to his reviled kin they must send

Harry Potter Book 2 Poem

The house no better than when he left
He feels abandoned and bereft
Their fear of him keep them at bay
They won’t let his bird fly away
Lack of correspondence fills him with dread
An elf’s warnings of danger ahead
Caged in his room, his dreams go far
His comrades rescue him in a flying car
A magical home, in which he will stay
A peacock with his notoriety will play
A scarlett bullet to bring him home
They miss it because of a solid tome
Flying, falling, a hitting tree
Almost banished from where he wants to be
A hidden Chamber taking life
Spreading mistrust and strife
A serpent speaker he has become
Thought to be the descendent of one
A petrified friend, a memory written
An eight-legged nightmare has almost bitten
For a past crime, a friend is taken
For the present he is again forsaken
A sister stolen to die in vain
So his enemy may live again
A giant serpent he must fight
Death for those who looks in its sight
A fiery bird with healing tears
Destroying a living book, allaying his fears
A mindless man, once their teacher
A fraudulant, conniving, greedy, creature
A sevant freed from his master’s pain
Promised never to save his life again

PotterWatch: Lightning has struck…

And so ends the Harry Potter Dynasty as we know it.  Even with the Pottermore site coming out, all we are left with is movie marathons, fanfic, and re-reading the books a thousand times, because JK Rowling has said that she won’t write anymore HP.
As far as conclusions go, Deathly Hollows Part 2 was stellar.  And even though I’d been looking forward to the older actors that might have been them in the epilogue, I’m kinda glad they stayed with the original actors.  These are the people who began the journey, and they should be the ones welcoming us to the finish line with them.
And yet, despite the fact that they split up the last book so as to not lose anything, they still manage to screw it up.  Ah well.  Thus is Hollywood.
The effects were right on with what I would have imagined for the scenes in my head, for the most part.  And I thank my visiting peanut gallery for coming to see it with me.  Snark always makes a movie experience better.
So for now, we bid you adieu, Harry James Potter.  Until next time.