Ska-doosh: Return of the Dragon Warrior

A star-studded cast returns in this adorable sequel as we find ourselves on the journey to finding Po’s origins.  Led by Jack Black, all of the original casting returns in this romp to save China.  Our favorite love to hate villainous actor Gary Oldman voices the antagonist responsible for Po’s mysterious origins.  I always hat in animated sequels where they don’t bring back the original actors, thinking they can find some that’s close enough to fool us.  Thankfully that isn’t an issue here.

The story was solid and the synergy between characters palpable.  There are no missteps in this movie, and and no downslide in quality.  In fact, it’s on par with its predecessor.  But of course they have left it open for another movie, but I find myself not minding.  In fact, I look forward to the coming obstacles as we battle along side with Po and the Furious Five as they achieve their destiny.