Fast Five, Furious Six

While I have no idea whether or not they plan to make ANOTHER movie, though they did make allusions during the after credits, that would be my pick for a title, for continuity’s sake anyway.

While there aren’t as many car races as we have come to expect, the plot was good, the action was delicious(the throwdown between XXX and The Scorpion King was delightfully brutal), and the interplay between the characters was poignant.  I have to agree with the critics who called this the best one yet.  Me, and my nephew will be chomping at the bit to get this movie on DVD, though for different reasons, considering he’s 11, and I’m not.  Should they decide to make another one, I’ll be in line, waiting for my ticket.

I’ll leave off this post with the last line of the movie: “Do you believe in ghosts?”