First Class: Now in Session…

I decided to have a movie day today, which means I spent a nice long time, and good chunk of change, at the movies.

First up: X-Men: First Class

Of all the origin stories that we have been given glimpses of, the beginning of Professor X has been second only to Wolverine, who was nice enough to appear long enough to tell Charles and Eric to f*ck off, till we see him again in his movie.  I’ve never much been a comic book geek, so most of my knowledge of the X-men world is derived from the early 90s cartoon on FOX, and that hasn’t been seen in a long time by me.  While this did manage to answer many of the questions I’d had over the years, it left me with some nitpick moments.  Unfortunately, the writers failed to take into a count some continuity issues.  I won’t say what they are, but if you use the event time lines created between this movie, Wolverine, and the first X-men movie produced, discrepancies start popping up like a Whack-a-mole.

When working in an established universe, unless you give yourself wiggle room to go off on your own tangent, as expertly demonstrated by the new Star Trek movie, you leave yourself open to undercut plot lines that have already been seen, an unfortunate example is Batman Forever.

I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, its scope and grandeur made it a wonderful prequel.  The casting was tailor made for the actors selected, I couldn’t be more pleased, and can’t wait for what comes next.