In a rut: Posting Writer’s block

I’m pretty much at the point where I feel I should start posting  stories and poems from my other profiles cause I don’t know what I want to write on a day to day basis.  After I get home from school, I barely have the energy and attention span to get my homework done,  much less blog.  For the most part, I don’t feel like I have much to talk about, unless there’s a holiday or event or I’m going somewhere new.  Mostly I feel that most of my conversations with people consist of me bitching about something.

That thing, the little suggestion box that you get AFTER you post should be put before, or have as a standard part of the dashboard.  I don’t want to rehash reviews of stuff  like movies and tv shows that are wicked popular, and my reviews are kind of weak because I’m not willing to write spoilers.  Anything really relevant to my everyday family life is discussed face to face with the relevant people.  As much I want to share, I’m still a paranoid, private person.  I need a kick in the ass, a jump start, otherwise my lazy habits automatically click into place.

I have an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge, but have a tendency to overwhelm myself with information that I seem to think is necessary in order to verify opinions one way or the other.  I probably have close to a hundred books on magick, Wicca, the occult, and paganism.  Have I head even half of them?  Not even close, I don’t think I’ve made it even a tenth of the way through all the reference books I just HAD to have.  This writer’s and reader’s block I have just seems emphasize my lack of effort on stories that I’ve been working on for years, both fanfiction and original.  I just can’t seem to win.


Never Forget: Remembering Ten Years Later

Yes, I’m aware that it’s two days after the fact, but it’s not only about the date.  It’s the day, too.  There are certain things I remember vividly, and others that have faded away.  For most of us, it was an ordinary day.  For the younger generations, it was the beginning of the third week of school.

As much as I hate Mondays, I hate Tuesdays more.  The weekend has just ended, and you’re in that spot where you haven’t started getting ready for the coming weekend, and you’ve just ended the last one.  You’re in the doldrums.  I was was beginning 8th grade, starting to break out of my shell more, and make friends with kids not in my town.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, the beginning and end block classes flipped.  I can’t remember what my first block class was that day.  My memory only starts to kick in during my second class, which was French.  I was close to the door, alphabetical order can be a bitch sometimes, but there I lucked out, other than the fact my seat was the first one in the row.  I remember looking at the clock a lot, wanting class to be over, so i could just check off another block of time.  I was waiting for my next class, American History, and no the irony doesn’t escape me, except I was still in French when the first plane hit.

It’s finally time for history, and I make my way up stairs to that classroom.  Our teacher wasn’t in the room, but that was nothing new.  We usually didn’t see him till after the bell rang.  He comes in a minute or two after the bell, stack of papers in hand.  Worksheets on latitude and longitude.  Telling us to pair up, he passes out the sheets, and sits behind his desk, diving into his computer.  For the next ten to twenty minutes, he’s agitated, and frequently leaves the classroom to go to the library, which is always has some sort of news coverage on.  He finally settles back behind his desk, and asks everyone to stop working for a minute.  He makes the announcement that two commercial planes have crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.

The girl I was working with starts to panic.  Her grandparents had flown out that morning out of New York to go on a cruise in Alaska.  I try to reassure her, speculating scenarios that wouldn’t place them in harm’s way.  Fifteen minutes after my teacher made his announcement, our Vice Principal confirmed it on the PA system, along with the fact the Pentagon got hit as well.  I would come to find out that one of my drill sergeants would be part of the crew that was responsible for pulling  the bodies out of the wreckage of the Pentagon, and that my bus driver’s sibling worked in one of the towers.

After the announcements, the rest of the day is a haze, no one was concentrating, with many people with family in the city.  New York was a three-hour drive at the time.  For me, that had been so far away, now it was too close.  After school activities were cancelled, and I rode home in a numb state.  I remember at some point that night, after my father got home, that he talked about rejoining the Army.  I scoffed at the idea in the one hand, my father was almost 60 years old.  At the same time, I was terrified he would do just that, and leave me alone to live with my grandmother. which was unacceptable.

I have had a few days on which the world gets upended, where you remember the events, but what is said is like conversation between grown-ups the the Peanuts world, and time stops for you, but not for anyone else and the next thing you know, you are somewhere else, and you’re unsure of how you ended up there.  This was one of those days.

The Boys are Back in Town: SAMCRO Returns!

Tonight commences the beginning of Season Four for Sons of Anarchy, on FX at 10 for 90 minutes. I’m amped for the Men of Mayhem to come home. I’ve already done my refresher of the show, so where we left off is still fresh in my mind. Having been hooked on this show last year by my sister, I had to catch up in order to watch the third season. I hate seeing stuff out of order. It irritates me. The chronology is there for a reason. But I’m off my point. Wicked excited for what Kurt Sutter and the Sons have in store for us this upcoming season. Plus some of the guest stars, like Danny Trejo as a crime lord, and the Hoff as a porn star. Not much of a stretch, huh? I’m not the only one with a countdown, right?

Living Single: Deal with It!

I apologize for not posting sooner, but between going four days without power and the first week of school, at most all I’ve felt like doing is crawling into bed and sleeping.  Being stressed and being bored don’t go together well for me.  I actually started to clean up my room, and rearranged my furniture!  If you know me, you know I hate cleaning, especially after four years in the Army.

Anyways, onto my rant for the day.

I’m sick and tired of people asking me when I’m going to get a boyfriend, especially since it’s none of their damn business.  I’ll get one if and when I feel like it!  Why is it your issue?  It’s my life!  And for the record, I don’t need well meaning friends and family trying to set me up.  I love you guys dearly, but quit it!  I’m starting school, let me focus on that.  I don’t need the extra stress of dating right now.

Would I like to be with someone? Yes.  I would absolutely love to fall in love, but can’t I do it on my own time?  I have things I need to work through before I can even come close to being in that head space.  Those that know, I hope, understand.  I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now.  But how about a friend.  I can use a friend.  Not a FWB.  Just a friend.  I want to get settled in school, get into the swing of things.  I have enough upheaval in my life.  What can I say; I’m Murphy’s bitch.

So for now, I’m living the single life, not looking for trouble.  But it does seem to find me.  Unfortunately, it’s got my home address.

The Waiting Game: Countdown to Destruction

When it comes to bad weather, the worst part of it isn’t always the aftermath, it’s the lead-up. When you enough forewarning, the time it takes for the event to arrive can be nerve-racking. It isn’t like the movies, where the people get a warning only five minutes out, when it’s too late to do anything but run and hide. In reality, you have every TV channel that has a weather team, ready to be the first to report some sort of impending disaster. The further out the warning, the longer the the hysteria has to build. Waiting for the other shoe to drop is exhausting. I have no experience with hurricanes, so I am undecided as to whether or not I should panic. Then again, I have enough people doing that for me. Usually, when I panic, nothing happens, and vice versa. On the other hand, I seem to be Murphy’s puppet, so I think for now, I’ll just go with the flow.

You get to make a guest appearance on any TV show of your choice. What’ll it be?

My list has diminished over the years, and unless Joss Whedon comes out with a new show before I graduate college, which at this point is looking like never,  I have three choices.

1. Bones

I followed David Boreanaz from Buffy and Angel to this show, and though my crime dramas that I can stand are few and far between, I got absorbed in this show.  It’s nice to see him get to display his sense of humor, instead of be so dour all the time, even if that was the role.

Role:Witness or Intern


If you haven’t spotted my Whedon fan flag by now, you haven’t been paying attention.  I love my captain, Nathan Fillion, and stalked him from Firefly and Serenity, and was delighted to find him being his irreverent after a fashion. Plus having the bonus of Firefly Easter eggs thrown in every once in a while.

Role:Victim that turns out to be a killer or Rookie that gets killed during bad guy chase.


No, not the castle.  Someone referred to this show as X-Files and Pushing Daisies had a child.  I’ve never seen PD, so I can’t say how accurate that is, but all the weird stuff going down definitely fits X-Files.  This one popped up on my radar through Netflix, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Jack Carter being the common sense straight man to this mass of geniuses in a town where things go wrong so often is original.  Being the common man in the middle of a think tank could be ridiculous, because he can’t out think the genius, but his street smarts has a way of counterbalancing over-thinking problem resolution.  I’m pissed that they’re done after season 5.

Role:Tesla student on tour in GD during crisis.

I would have loved to be on Smallville if it was still going. There area few other shows on the same list, but it’s too long, and most of the shows are long gone.

I’m Posting every day in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a day / once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.  I’m gonna need all the help I can get!