Geek Crash Course: Get your geek on!


I am a self-identified nerd/geek, and even I sometimes have a hard time explaining things that I watch and enjoy to non-geeks/nerds.  This web show gives you a insider’s look on our views on pop culture, in non-geek speak.

I first stumbled on this site when they, (surprise, surprise), reviewed the TV show “The X-Files”.  I ended up checking out some of their other episodes, including ones on things I refuse to watch, like the SAW movies, or haven’t seen yet, like Blade Runner.

Aside from television and movies, they also introduce you to various video games and comic books, hero and villain alike, as well as conduct interviews at places like the NY Comic Con.

You can subscribe to their blog, (I made the picture link back to their site, I think), and also make suggestions for future episodes.

Don’t take my word for it, go to the site and check it out!


You get to make a guest appearance on any TV show of your choice. What’ll it be?

My list has diminished over the years, and unless Joss Whedon comes out with a new show before I graduate college, which at this point is looking like never,  I have three choices.

1. Bones

I followed David Boreanaz from Buffy and Angel to this show, and though my crime dramas that I can stand are few and far between, I got absorbed in this show.  It’s nice to see him get to display his sense of humor, instead of be so dour all the time, even if that was the role.

Role:Witness or Intern


If you haven’t spotted my Whedon fan flag by now, you haven’t been paying attention.  I love my captain, Nathan Fillion, and stalked him from Firefly and Serenity, and was delighted to find him being his irreverent after a fashion. Plus having the bonus of Firefly Easter eggs thrown in every once in a while.

Role:Victim that turns out to be a killer or Rookie that gets killed during bad guy chase.


No, not the castle.  Someone referred to this show as X-Files and Pushing Daisies had a child.  I’ve never seen PD, so I can’t say how accurate that is, but all the weird stuff going down definitely fits X-Files.  This one popped up on my radar through Netflix, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Jack Carter being the common sense straight man to this mass of geniuses in a town where things go wrong so often is original.  Being the common man in the middle of a think tank could be ridiculous, because he can’t out think the genius, but his street smarts has a way of counterbalancing over-thinking problem resolution.  I’m pissed that they’re done after season 5.

Role:Tesla student on tour in GD during crisis.

I would have loved to be on Smallville if it was still going. There area few other shows on the same list, but it’s too long, and most of the shows are long gone.

Chasing Monsters in the Dark: Second Verse

For your viewing pleasure, the Matt and Kory show presents the X-Files: the Musical. Countdown link/Webcast

They’re having a two-night showing, starting tonight, with live streaming on the web.  As a fan of the show, I’m not sure whether or not to be horrified or laugh my ass off.  I think both will suffice.

Having watched A Very Potter Musical, and its sequel, I kinda can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen.

Spread the word!  The Truth is Coming!